What in the world is a pinched nerve?

This is a diagnosis I see a lot.    I have honestly, never made this diagnosis.    Unfortunately, most of the time this diagnosis is made with the doctor saying, ‘It’s just a pinched nerve, it’ll go away’.    A ‘pinched nerve’ is NOT a diagnosis.  It is a symptom.

What’s pinching that nerve?  It may be a muscle, ligament, tendon,  local swelling, and in rare cases, bone.  Most cases where the bone is directly affecting the nerve is the wrist – aka Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.   Understand WHERE the problem is coming from.  Not the nerve!  Something is putting pressure on the nerve!  Fix the ‘something’ (ligament/muscle/ligament/bone) to fix the nerve.    That is why Chiropractors adjust bones.  To allow the nerve to work properly.

“It’s just a pinched nerve”.  Really?  Just a pinched nerve?   I don’t understand how that diagnosis ever holds water.  If the pinched nerve is coming from a degenerated spinal joint, and you don’t fix the joint then what happens?  Pain goes away for a bit, then comes back with a vengeance.  The next time worse, after that even worse and so on.   Next thing you know, you’re getting MRI’s, epidurals and eventually surgery.  For “just a pinched nerve”.  If you have nerve pain ala ‘pinched nerve’ get it checked out properly.  Don’t settle for the ‘easy’ 2-minute diagnosis.  Get the cause.  Fix the cause.  Move on and don’t let it come back to haunt you.

Remember, pain has little to do with disease.  Cancer doesn’t cause pain until later stages (in a lot of cases).   Heart problems don’t usually show up until you’re in the hospital.   If you have a heart attack, and it doesn’t hurt 2 days later are you better?  No, clearly not.  Same story with that elusive ‘pinched nerve’.

See your Chiropractor, Find the cause and sleep better at night.

Talk soon,

Doc Patten

Chiropractor in Gulfport & Saucier, MS


  1. Never thought about it that way. I am soooooooooooo in that boat! Going to my Crackopractor tomorrow, for a, er, um, pinched… nevermind.

    I am out of whack.,

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